Wednesday, October 13, 2010

flower folk

Okay so i fell somewhat apologetic to all you who suffer from separation anxiety and whom I've left destitute for the past weekend and day. The thing is I was busy out there in the world scowering up some beautiful experiences and images to bring regurgitate to you from the folks of Cape Town.

This weekend ( as previously mentioned) Rocking The Daises  music festival went down in Darling and when I say "went down" what I really mean is : changed lives.

Music festivals hosted in beautifully unpretentious natural spaces have a way of excusing just about everyone from their day to day grinds in order to remind them of why we are all here in the first place. . .  to live. There is this strange unspoken law that seems to permeate through the atmosphere which allows us all to connect and if only for a moment act like the inner hippie/rock band-groupie/dirty rusta kid/ elctro head banger/ intoxicated fool we all knows lies deep down somewhere inside ourselves. Lets get real, we were all 6 years old once and know how awsome it was to be covered in mud and lie around on the grass with some mates. 

The point at hand however is that whilst attending this festival I witnessed many a differnt stroke of many a-differnt folk and I'd like to share them with you to get your opinion on them...

I love people-watching..
and sadly, I mean that in the creepiest way possible. I mean, hardcore, I will sit by myself at a coffee shop and drink 3 cups of coffee while pretending to be doing something important on my computer, just to get the opportunity to watch the people that walk by. I can't help it. I think it's mostly because of the way people dress and because if it's a coffee shop on the streets in Cape Town I get to at least see well-dressed people. Also, on Long street at night (any day of the week ) I'm guaranteed to see more drama unfold on the street than any story-plotter for the Jerry Springer Show could conjure up.

Is Black Label only the stroke for the folk who are brokessss?
Or is there anyone who ACTUALLY likes the taste?

I love camping but that's just me.
Are you the type of folk to endure 3 days of hardcore floor sleeping
in return for some hardcore music festing,
or are you booked into the closest resort
and boasting to your friends about the warm shower
you get to have each night?

Rock vs Electro vs Folk(Balconology) vs Comedy tent. . .
which was/is your favourite?

Are triangles a passing phase or 
geometrical simplistic designs 
that will continue to make returns back 
into fashion, poster designs and installation
pieces every 20 years or so ?

Some folks love swimming in the ever-present
water bodies at trance parties and music festivals...
and to them all I have to say is:
E.coli is not only a 20th century water born disease.

So I found my perfect music fest buddy pair of shoes:
tan leather military boots...
in fact apart from Converse hi-tops I don't know 
what could possibly par/top them.
Have you found your perfect pair of ground-trapping,
crowd-stumping foot-friends?

Does Generation X not rock harder at these things fests
than the young-un's or is it just me?
I do believe.

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