Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Papa Gladwell- Tipping Point

Okay so here's a book that everyone (everyone ever) should read! 

It's written by Pappa Gladwell AKA Malcolm Galdwell and apart form looking like a cross between Pitch-black-Afro and the lady from the Glomail-shopping-network he IS the best contemporary writer on relative psychology.

 Tipping Points is about people and their different strokes and how they all come together in the greater scheme of causing epidemics, social trends and unexpected fashion take-overs ( like Hush Puppies). If you're planning on taking over the world or starting some sort of new/2nd-hand denim clothing hipster epidemic I suggest you get hold of a Connector, Maven and Salesmen.
Read why-
it'll do you good...
and help you get an A in your next Brand Stratergy class test- woo hoo!

(also look out for his latest book: Outliers. I hate Bill Gates a little less now knowing how ordinary he really was.)

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